The South East Asia Music Museum

The South East Asia Music Museum (SEAM Museum) is a center for the collection, preservation, promotion, and research of the musical traditions of the indigenous people of South East Asia. The collection of musical instruments, recordings and written music of the various South East Asian cultures tell a unique story of community and way of life experienced by millions of people, through one of their most important cultural touchstones – music.

The collection of musical instruments housed at the museum have been purchased or donated, and are housed at the museum so that that these important artifacts and examples can be preserved and studied. Many instruments in the collection were obtained from personal residences, temples, or other invisible places, and were in danger of falling into disrepair. Rescuing these pieces allows researchers to have well maintained examples to enrich their studies.

As a symbol, the South East Asia Music Museum represents “How the music is how the society is, and how the society is how the music is”. The music is, in some cases, hundreds of years old, and immediately links us with the past, while we work towards the appreciation and promotion in the future. The South East Asia Music Museum aspires to be a musical gathering place where performers, scholars, students, and music appreciators can gather in a harmonious atmosphere. The music that is collected and presented is powerful. Music is a powerful sound, the sound is energy, the sound creates an educational movement, the movement builds a change, and the change develops society.

Location: College of Music, Mahidol University.
Opening Hours:Under construction
Telephone:(+66) 2800 2525 to 34
Fax:(+66) 2800 2530,