Musica Arboretum

Musica Arboretum was the new chapter for College of Music, Mahidol University as well as for Thai universities. It was builded to celebrate the His Majesty the King’s 80th Birthday Commemoration. As the occasion that College of Music, Mahidol University was granted the name “Bhumibol Sangkeet” for its buildings, so we purposed the reforestation of musical tree project on the 10 rais land around the new building (Building D).

The purpose is to collect the trees used to make wooden musical instruments for Thai, Folk and universal musical instruments as well as musical instruments in the Southeast Asia, which are the heritage of the nation and historical evidence for the students and society to study. It is a place to study the social and cultural that rely on the nature of the forest. We nurture the tree, preserve, from the tree to musical instrument and inherit the musical culture, way of life and history of the nation, in order to develop this musical space to be a space for education, leisure, to support tourism and commercialize the music.

Musica Arboretum is designed to be the park and musical tree museum, in harmonies environment of human and nature. We create the useful environment for the education, and way of life of people in Southeast Asia. It is a delighted environment for the university. The knowledge of the nature that will be disseminate to society.

Location: College of Music, Mahidol University.
Opening Hours:Monday-Friday, 06.00-18.00
Telephone:(+66) 2800 2525 to 34
Fax:(+66) 2800 2530,
Admission Fee: Free Admission