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Mahidol University Archives

Established in 1991, Mahidol University Archives 's role is to collect and preserve official records of individuals and organization associated in the University and maintain private papers of the faculty, staff and the students related to the history and development of the University. Also provided are documents on policies, aims, achievement, people and University's important events. Used by members of Mahidol University are encouraged. External researcher and public are also welcome.


1. To acquire, manage and preserve University's records of value, based on the international archive standard and make them available for use.

2. To provide archival resources for research, study and dissemination.


Mahidol university archives consist of university archives, private papers, university publications, pictorial archives, maps, architectural drawings and campus plan as the followings.

Mahidol university archives are official records including minutes and correspondence from selected units of the university.

Private papers are personal papers of the University's administrator of the faculty related to history and development of the university.

Personal papers of staff and the student related to history and development of the University

University publications on activities and important events of the university : annual reports, textbooks, handbooks, core curriculums, brochures, posters.

Pictorial archives on history important activities of the university as well as portraits of M.U.President and administrator.

Maps, architectural drawing campus plans of Mahidol University at Salaya campus.

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The archives collection is located at the 3rd floor in the left wing of the library building in salaya campus.

Tel : 0-2800-2680-9 ext. 4346

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