The exhibition established to celebrate the 50th anniversary of 
the Royal Bestowal of Mahidol University’s naming ceremony 
and 131st anniversary of Mahidol University, tells a journey
of the institution from being a specialised university in 
the beginning to being a university with diverse disciplines today, 
under the concept “Power of Wisdom” or พลังแห่งปัญญา in Thai.
Passing wisdom to others is similar to the image of waves or 
ripples of water which spreads limitlessly and
creates wider circles.

“Power of Wisdom” refers to Mahidol University as a hub of diverse
academic branches or the rivers of knowledge which
creates limitless abundance. 

This section explores the long history of Mahidol University
since its foundation, and how the institution grew beyond
its beginnings as a medical school, 
into a comprehensive university.

An immersive storytelling room showcases 360 ํ 
projection mapping, enabling the audience 
to experience the philosophy, 
“True success is not in the learning, but in its application 
to the benefit of mankind.”

This section presents innovative projects 
from all faculties, including research products, inventions, 
industrial applications and products, 
as well as outstanding outreach projects 
initiated in Thailand,Asia and across the world.


This section presents a Hall of Fame of former students,
including members of the Thai Royal Family,
staff and prominent alumni who have received
distinguished awards and honors.
Their accomplishments serve as an inspiration
 for a new generation of students and staff. 


This art installation expresses Mahidol University’s
vision and commitment to follow the determination
as Wisdom of the Land by producing outstanding
graduates, knowledge sharing, and creating
innovations for the good of our society
and the world we live in. Interactive digital tools
let visitors explore careers of the future.

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